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PRISE is dedicated to delivering top-notch service with a team comprising innovative event producers, skilled management professionals, a talented production crew, exceptional entertainment staff, and courteous event personnel. With a wealth of experience in overseeing events and venues in some of Australia's most vibrant locations, PRISE possesses intimate knowledge with the premier event spaces in the region.​

PRISE is proud to have leading event producers with years of experience, producing over hundreds of events annually, and attracting countless people each year – PRISE has continued to push the boundaries of innovative and creative achievement as a premier event, marketing and production agency.

PRISE offers comprehensive event services tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Our primary focus is on designing your event to align with your requirements. Our team of experts delves deep into understanding your brand, taking care of every detail. Entrust us to produce your next exceptional event on a global scale.



Branding your corporate event holds significant importance for various reasons. Firstly, it enables the establishment of a consistent and unified atmosphere for attendees, integrating visual and verbal brand elements to instill familiarity and reinforce brand messaging.
Secondly, corporate event branding serves as a means to distinguish yourself amidst competitors. By highlighting your distinct identity, you can emerge uniquely in a competitive landscape and etch a memorable presence among attendees.
Lastly, corporate event branding aids in fulfilling marketing objectives. Through alignment with your brand identity, you can bolster brand reputation, spark interest, and enhance brand visibility, thus contributing to the attainment of marketing goals.


Prior to initiating event planning, it's imperative to delineate your brand identity. What values, personality traits, and mission does your brand embody? What sets your brand apart in the market? Addressing these inquiries lays the groundwork for your branding approach.


After establishing your brand identity, you can select a theme that resonates with your brand’s communication. For instance, if your brand revolves around innovation, opting for a futuristic theme for your event would be fitting.


Integrate your brand’s visual components into your event’s layout. This encompasses your logo, color scheme, font styles, and additional design elements that mirror your brand’s essence. Your event should narrate a tale consistent with your brand narrative, seamlessly woven into the event’s design, communication, and engagements.


Tailoring experiences is vital for crafting a memorable occasion. Leverage data to craft personalized encounters for your guests, such as individualized gifts or bespoke activities.

choose the perfect theme

Selecting a corporate event theme involves various considerations, including your company's overarching theme, the target demographic, and the event location. It's crucial to gauge attendee preferences when deciding on a theme. Moreover, aligning the event themes with the company's ethos, culture, and heritage is essential for maintaining coherence. By consulting diverse sources and factoring in these elements, you can curate an event that resonates well with attendees and staff alike, striking a balance between appropriateness and enjoyment. Reflecting on past events can offer valuable guidance regarding successful themes and their underlying reasons.

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event theming events corporate event styling event branding event decorators sydney styling company

event theming events corporate event styling event branding event decorators sydney styling company

pre-event branding strategies

Employing pre-event branding tactics can generate anticipation and enthusiasm for your event while laying the groundwork for conveying your brand narrative. Prior to the event commencement, it's essential to involve potential attendees in your brand essence. Here are some strategies to contemplate:
Branded invitations: Serve as the initial point of contact with attendees, making a lasting impression with on-brand aesthetics and language that mirrors the event's essence.
Targeted email campaigns: Can be crafted to inform and excite attendees through a series of branded emails offering exclusive offers or event insights.
Social media buzz: Generate buzz by initiating a campaign across various channels, incorporating techniques such as a unique event hashtag or teaser content to amplify anticipation.
Event landing page: Create a page featuring essential information alongside interactive elements aligned with your event theme and brand.
Brand-aligned partnerships: Forge collaborations with sponsors or partners whose values resonate with your brand.

on-site branding strategies

Once you arrive on-site, whether it's at a physical venue or a virtual space, ensure that every aspect of the event contributes effectively to your brand's presence. Important on-site branding elements may include:
Signage and banners: Utilize signage and banners strategically to direct attendees and reinforce your brand identity throughout the venue.
Stage or backdrop design: Ensure that the design of the stage or virtual backdrop aligns with your brand's visual aesthetics.
Themed decor: Incorporate cohesive thematic decor, from table settings to event-specific animations, to maintain a visually unified environment.
Interactive displays and elements: Engage attendees with interactive experiences, such as touchscreen kiosks or augmented reality sections, that immerse them in your brand story.
Branded merchandise: Provide carefully selected promotional items or branded wearables as tangible reminders of the event experience.


Everything your event could ever need. A full turn-key solution.


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From the initial stages of the planning process, we assist you in building strategic event plans that surpass your objectives. With years of expertise in corporate event planning, we excel at recognizing opportunities to seamlessly incorporate brand elements and key messages into your event. Our team is dedicated to generating and managing the entire process from concept to completion!

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