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PRISE is dedicated to delivering top-notch service with a team comprising innovative event producers, skilled management professionals, a talented production crew, exceptional entertainment staff, and courteous event personnel. With a wealth of experience in overseeing events and venues in some of Australia's most vibrant locations, PRISE possesses intimate knowledge with the premier event spaces in the region.​

PRISE is proud to have leading event producers with years of experience, producing over hundreds of events annually, and attracting countless people each year – PRISE has continued to push the boundaries of innovative and creative achievement as a premier event, marketing and production agency.

PRISE offers comprehensive event services tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Our primary focus is on designing your event to align with your requirements. Our team of experts delves deep into understanding your brand, taking care of every detail. Entrust us to produce your next exceptional event on a global scale.

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event production sydney event companies sydney event production companies sydney company event management

design & production

At the heart of PRISE lies a dedication to achieving exceptional outcomes and consistently eliciting awe from our clients. Our seasoned professionals are committed to crafting impactful events, infused with passion and meticulous attention. With a shared vision for creating unforgettable experiences, our team orchestrates magic for you and your attendees. Whether it's staging, set design, audiovisuals, or room décor, PRISE meticulously plans and executes your distinctive event with professionalism and style.

Witnessing a space entirely transformed for an occasion is immensely gratifying and invigorating. Whether it's exquisite table arrangements, lavish floral displays, elegant drapery, elaborate set designs, or a fully furnished marquee, the transformation is truly captivating. Impeccable event design and production infuse vitality into gatherings, ranging from chic and subtle to opulent and extravagant. Achieving the perfect ambiance requires a delicate balance and a keen eye for detail.

Experiential Marketing and Strategy

Experiential Marketing and Strategy

We craft unique activations and experiences. Whether it's brainstorming, shaping ideas, or overseeing the process, we design inventive solutions that produce results.
  • Strategy
  • Concept
  • Production
  • Activation
  • Management

Concept and Planning

Concept and Planning

Planning and producing any event involves a variety of complex tasks. We collaborate with agencies and direct clients to bring event concepts to life.
  • Budgeting
  • Concept Creation
  • Staffing
  • Equipment / AV Hire
  • Venue Sourcing
  • Rendering

Production and activation

Production and Activations

PRISE's core competency is bringing people together; with cutting edge designs, production and event development.
  • Production & Construction
  • Stakeholder Collaboration
  • Building Deliverables
  • Styling and Decor
  • Resource Allocation

management and coordination

Managment and Coordination

As experts in the field, we ensure all aspects of your event during all stages runs smoothly.
  • Event Coordination
  • Staffing Allocation
  • Vendor Management
  • Engagement and Content
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Venue Management

corporate event production

Live Event Production From conception to execution, we offer expert technical, creative, and production services for your next engaging in-person event in Sydney and beyond.

Hybrid Are your employees gathering in Sydney while stakeholders are joining remotely? A hybrid event can ensure positive audience engagement, allowing both groups to interact.

Virtual Our team can blend live streaming and pre-recorded content for your online event, crafting a customizable virtual experience. Let us host your fully branded event, complete with breakout discussions and Q&A sessions.


Audio Arrays
Surround Sound
Projection Mapping
LED Video Walls
Media Servers
Laser Shows
PA Systems
Motion Graphics


Content Creation
Recording & Playback
Live Streaming
Video Mapping
Video Switching
Motion Graphics
Live Shows
Drone Videography
Social Media Walls
Video Editing


LED Display
Gobos & Monograms
Digital Signage
Motion Graphics
Light Shows
Stage Lighting
Projection Mapping
Intelligent Lighting
Textured Lighting
Light Stands & Towers


Our top-tier rigging solutions turn your ideas into tangible outcomes, merging creativity with practicality. Tailored to meet your every requirement, our custom designs ensure efficient setup and dismantling by skilled rigging experts, enhancing your event seamlessly.

Special Effects

C02 Jets
Cold Spark Machines
Low Lying Fog Machines
Confetti Cannons
Fire Effects
C02 Guns
Fireworks Displays

prop designs & Custom fabrications

PRISE provides tailored prop design and construction services, positioning itself as the premier destination for custom-made props. Consult with our experts for your upcoming event with distinctive elements. Additionally, PRISE specializes in crafting convention booths and stages for trade shows.

led walls

Using mobile LED displays is an effective method to draw in larger crowds at events. They offer portability and user-friendly interfaces, suitable for various event scales. The investment in hiring a sizable mobile LED screen can be offset by the revenue from advertising and increased customer interaction it facilitates.

led dance floors

LED dance floors come in various sizes, suitable for diverse applications like weddings, conventions, and special events. They can also serve as LED stages, illuminated runways, or display platforms. Our LED dance floor is perfect for auto exhibitions and other event settings.

what we do

Event production involves the careful planning, design, and execution of every aspect of an event. When done correctly, guests and audiences are provided with a unique and unforgettable event experience.
Regardless of the scale or duration of an event, professional event production companies are typically responsible for any or all of the following:
Event planning, Event management, Creative event design, Venue selection, Logistics, Set design and management, Floor plans, Audio visual, Event lighting and Event graphics.

production, step by step

The event production journey starts by understanding the client's vision, goals, and preferences. With this clarity, we craft detailed event plans, ensuring alignment with the client's objectives. These plans undergo thorough review and discussion before assembling event staff to bring the vision to life.
After event planning, event design begins. In this stage, the production company ensures the design complements the event's theme and achieves its objectives. This involves creative strategies for defining the event's identity, decorating venues, selecting attire, creating signage, and establishing color schemes.
After finalizing event design, producers aim to fulfill objectives and design needs within the budget. In the execution phase, planners and staff implement the production plan, handling talent, venue selection, equipment, set-up, floor plans, and staffing.


Everything your event could ever need. A full turn-key solution.


Below are only some of the experiences we offer

From the initial stages of the planning process, we assist you in building strategic event plans that surpass your objectives. With years of expertise in corporate event planning, we excel at recognizing opportunities to seamlessly incorporate brand elements and key messages into your event. Our team is dedicated to generating and managing the entire process from concept to completion!

Event Planning

Event Styling

Concept Creation

Event Design


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