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PRISE is dedicated to delivering top-notch service with a team comprising innovative event producers, skilled management professionals, a talented production crew, exceptional entertainment staff, and courteous event personnel. With a wealth of experience in overseeing events and venues in some of Australia's most vibrant locations, PRISE possesses intimate knowledge with the premier event spaces in the region.​

PRISE is proud to have leading event producers with years of experience, producing over hundreds of events annually, and attracting countless people each year – PRISE has continued to push the boundaries of innovative and creative achievement as a premier event, marketing and production agency.

PRISE offers comprehensive event services tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Our primary focus is on designing your event to align with your requirements. Our team of experts delves deep into understanding your brand, taking care of every detail. Entrust us to produce your next exceptional event on a global scale.


When considering custom installations for your corporate event, PRISE stands out as the optimal choice. With a keen eye for creativity and precision, PRISE offers bespoke solutions tailored to your event's theme and objectives. Whether it's immersive digital displays, interactive sculptures, or innovative stage designs, PRISE's expertise ensures unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. From conceptualization to execution, PRISE collaborates closely with clients to bring their vision to life, delivering captivating and memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression on attendees. With PRISE, you can trust in their dedication to excellence and commitment to elevating your corporate event with exceptional custom installations.

currently whats in


- Giant LED Sculpture
- Custom Inflatable Sculpture
- Branded Light Sculpture Garden
- Floating Branded Balloon Installation
- Branded Ice Sculpture
- Kinetic Sculpture with Branded Elements
- Giant Branded Topiary Sculpture
- Suspended Branded Art Installation
- Interactive Water Fountain Display
- Branded Sand Sculpture


- Branded Interactive Video Wall
- Geometric Lighting Tunnel
- 3D Projection Mapping
- Branded Photo Mosaic Wall
- Immersive Brand Experience Zone
- Custom Inflatable Sculpture
- Interactive LED Floor Projection
- Augmented Reality Sandbox Experience
- Interactive Holographic Display
- Motion-Activated LED Light Sculpture
- Interactive Social Media Mirror


- 3D Projection Mapping
- Digital Waterfall Projection
- Laser Light Show with Branded Visuals
- Projection Mapping Fireworks Display
- Immersive Dome Projection Experience
- Projection-mapped Art Installation
- Interactive Projection on Bubble Wall
- Branded Light Painting Station
- Projection-mapped Ceiling Installation
- Outdoor Cinema Experience with Branded Content

Large-scale art

- Branded Sculpture Garden with Custom Art Pieces
- Giant Branded Kaleidoscope Installation
- Kinetic Art Display with Branded Elements
- Branded Balloon Archway Entrance
- LED Light Show with Choreographed Branding Sequences
- Interactive LED Art Maze with Branded Signage
- 3D Street Art Installation with Branded Illusions
- Branded Flower Wall Photo Booth
- Giant Inflatable Logo Installation
- Branded Interactive Water Fountain Display


- Virtual Reality Branded Pods
- Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt
- Interactive Touchscreen Kiosks
- Multi-sensory Branded Tunnel
- 360-degree Branded Projection Dome
- Interactive Branded Graffiti Wall
- Branded Escape Room Adventure
- Interactive Floor Projection Game
- LED Light Tunnel
- Branded Scavenger Hunt with AR Clues


- LED Video Wall with Branding Content
- Branded Projection Mapping
- Digital Branded Flower Wall
- Interactive LED Dance Floor
- Branded Digital Signage
- Digital Art Gallery
- Branded Social Media Wall
- Interactive Branding Games
- Transparent LED Screens
- Branded Digital Aquarium Installation

leverage your custom installations and branding

Custom installations at corporate events offer a powerful opportunity to reinforce branding. By integrating brand elements such as logos, colors, and messaging into installations, companies can create immersive brand experiences that resonate with attendees. From branded photo backdrops to interactive displays showcasing company values, these installations serve as visual embodiments of the brand identity. By aligning installations with brand aesthetics and messaging, companies can enhance brand recognition, evoke emotional connections, and leave a lasting impression on guests. Custom installations provide a unique platform to showcase brand personality and values, effectively leveraging branding to create memorable and impactful corporate event experiences.


Everything your event could ever need. A full turn-key solution.


Below are only some of the experiences we offer

From the initial stages of the planning process, we assist you in building strategic event plans that surpass your objectives. With years of expertise in corporate event planning, we excel at recognizing opportunities to seamlessly incorporate brand elements and key messages into your event. Our team is dedicated to generating and managing the entire process from concept to completion!

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